The Ministry of Clouds is a collective of highly trained artists dedicated to promoting the sublime beauty of the sky. By bringing outstanding contemporary art to the public eye in the form of a playful and intriguing pop-up Bureau, and through their online work at ministryofclouds.com, The Ministry of Clouds inspires people from all points of the compass to pause for a moment and look up; to simply appreciate the grand poetry of the sky.

The Privy Council of the Ministry of Clouds

Madeline Fountain, visual artist (sculpture, installation, performance, photo media and jewellery ).

Alice McCormick; writer, rare illustrated book dealer and visual artist (sculpture, installation, photomedia).

Officers currently serving the Ministry

Vladimir Cherepanoff; painter, industrial designer and sculptor.
Tobias Bennett, Sculptor and blacksmith.
Sonya Rothwell, Painter.
Zara Rattue, Trainee pilot and weather presenter Channel 9, Darwin.

The Ministry includes several departments and branches including;

The Extraordinary Ambassador for Rainbows :: Miss Alice McCormick

The Cultural Attaché to Winged Creatures :: Miss Madeline Fountain

The Department of Silver Linings :: Miss Alice McCormick

The Office of Thunder and Lightning :: Mr Tobias Bennett

The Nebulous Agency for Fog, Smoke, Steam and Dust :: Mr. Vladimir Cherepanoff

Bureau of Flying Objects

The Directorate of Volcanic Intelligence

Centre for Cloud Consciousness

The Office of Fashion and Wearables

International Cosmic Cloudforms Agency

The Standing Committee for Precipitation

The Bureau of the Built Environment

The Department of Foreign Skies

The Steering Committee on Turbulence

The Centre for the Study of Clouds and Words :: Lisa Cainero [RETIRED]

The Psychedelic Mind Clouds Institute

The Ministry of Clouds pop-up Bureau may be appearing at a space near you. Like the clouds, borderless, stateless, the Ministry travels to its constituents, carried by the winds. Sign up to our Press Secretary’s list to be notified of opportunities to connect with your cloudy representatives.

If you would like to submit cloud related material to the Ministry please limit it to 3 Mb and enure that you include all relevant information pertaining to copyright. Without this information the Ministry cannot publish your submission.