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Press Secretary :: Published work 01.14 :: On Seeing :: Archive and Artifice :: Huffington Post

“We found many examples of the Internet as a space for artists from near or far to gather for collaboration, shared interest, discussion, or, in the case of the imaginative and ethereal Ministry of Clouds, based in Australia, to promote “the sublime beauty of the sky.” The poetic potential of a digital realm dedicated to the ultimate in spaciousness, the sky, is endless. We included two works by Madeline Fountain and Alice McCormick. ” -Annie Buckley, Curator, On Seeing.

Two works from The Ministry of Clouds published in On Seeing :: Archive and Artifice by Annie Buckley :: Huffington Post 2014

Cultural Attaché to Winged Creatures, Self Portrait 2014 :: Madeline Fountain

“Through the Peephole” Image Alice McCormick 2012