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Sydney Fringe Festival 2012 :: The Ministry of Clouds at Fringe Arts

Fringe Arts runs from September 7 – 30th at the Italian Forum Cutlural Centre ::  Norton Street :: Leichhardt Open Tuesday – Sunday from 1 pm

The Ministry of Clouds 2012

Peephole to the office of the Cultural Attaché to Winged Creatures 2012 :: Madeline Fountain


Pegasus in the waiting room prior to a meeting with the Cultural Attaché to Winged Creatures :: Madeline Fountain


The en plein air office of the Cabinet Secretary inside the Cabinet Office :: Madeline Fountain


Centre for the Study of Clouds and Words :: Cloud Catalogue 2012 :: Lisa Cainero


The Order of the Nimbus Cloud 2012 :: Grand Master 1st Class :: sterling silver :: Delight and Darkness for the Ministry of Clouds


Unkai means “sea of clouds” in Japanese 2012 :: giclée print and dossier :: Madeline Fountain


Bureau of Silver Linings 2012 :: Alice McCormick


Operator, connecting you to Cloud 9, hold the line please…2012

Like all good mottos, it’s ambiguous…2012 :: Max Fysh

Click to watch Cumulus forming.

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