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Centre for the Study of Clouds and Words :: Profile 01.11 :: Luke Howard

source: wikipedia

Luke Howard (1772 – 1864)
‘Namer of Clouds’
Round Blue Plaque

7 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, London.

In 1803, Luke Howard developed a classification system for clouds based on these four main types:

1. Cumulus – Latin for ‘heap’, to describe a puffy cloud

2. Cirrus – Latin for ‘curl of hair’, to describe a wispy cloud

3. Stratus – Latin for ‘layer’, to describe a sheet-like cloud

4. Nimbus – Latin for ‘violent rain’, to describe a rain cloud.

His birthday falls on November 28. The Ministry would like to nominate this day as the International Day of Cloud Recognition. There will be a party.



Cumulo-cirrus clouds

Snowy cumulus

Anvil cumulus cloud

Mountain cirrus

{all sketches from Howard’s notebook are sourced from www.cloudman.com}

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