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Cultural Attache to Winged Creatures :: Dossier 01.11

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is an art installation if you want to see it that way.

The incumbent Cultural Attache to Winged Creatures, Madeline Fountain, took these portraits of fancy poultry and it is the first dossier covering the amazing and curious world of the winged creatures that share the air space with clouds. This dossier comprises marvelous examples of chook perfection as well a goose, a duck and a turkey for your enjoyment.

At the Ministry of Clouds, we do fancy a fancy bird.


Subsequent to posting this dossier it was brought to the CATWC’s attention that poultry may not be considered sufficiently airborne by some proponents to be included in the Ministry’s files. After careful consideration it was deemed admissible by right of the fact that poultry does reside in locations at high enough altitudes to be sharing the air space with clouds and while these examples are definitely more terrestrial than the aforementioned they are the cousins of loftier winged creatures and therefore may remain in the Ministry’s collection.

It should also be noted at this time that the Ministry of Clouds policy is not to remove dossiers once published to allow for complete transparency when dealing with any controversy or revision of Ministry content.


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