© 2011 Secretary General Perran Costi "Baggage Series"

Department of Silver Linings :: Dossier 02.11 :: Perran Costi

Presenting the work of Perran Costi. The Baggage Series is a comment on land ownership and the often unattainable dream of buying a patch of earth to call one’s own. In this series the artist created a solution of sorts which has come to the attention of the Department of Silver Linings.  The Ministry is particular interested in the idea of taking a little piece of the sky home to one’s rented dwelling as an expression of optimism and a reminder of the power of contentment.

Perran Costi "Baggage Series"

(Copyright Perran Costi)

Perran’s current show, Personal Space, is on at The Rocks until October 30th.

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