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Department of Airborne Transportation, Engineering and Technology :: Archival Image 01.11

The first air show at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. September 30th, 1909. Photograph by Léon Gimpel.

At the Ministry of Clouds we are often dismayed by the lack of consideration of harmonious colour schemes between the clouds, the sky and airborne forms of transportation. The contemporary obsession with “branding” and the ensuing colour schemes that scream “movement, youth and energy!” or  “sun, fun and cheap good times!” flying endlessly above our weary heads has unfortunately led to what can only be described as persistent visual pollution. The Department of Airborne Transportation, Engineering and Technology hereby submits an excellent example of muted tones of blue with white, simple typefaces and elegant stripes. Picture if you will one of these perfectly formed inflatables wafting by your window as you toil, it would delight you and make you a little wistful; you might sigh and then smile, non?

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    Oui! I’d be chelin too…

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